17 thoughts on “God has something in store for YOU!

  1. You will never know how much this quote means to me. I am struggling with what I believe is a spiritual attack from the enemy who does not what me to get free. I was looking for a Christian site to get prayer about it, and when I clicked on WCF, this is the first thing I saw. I feel like God is telling me, this is where I need to be right now. Thank you so much for this post.

  2. That is true, even young boys throws stones on a fruitful mango tree which has ripe fruits already. You are so powerful till you intimidates the kingdom of Satan .Thats why the devil targets you.

    • Jane .I am going through a similar experience in my life….the past 3 years have been a real struggle for me….thanks for sharing and stay in touch….

  3. Whst a truthful statement thst we need to be reminded about. When in the midst of a trial, enemy blocks out the statements that will carry us thru. So we need to help others to remember in a loving supportive way. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. You should never let satan take over!
    Remember to praise our lord!
    Our lord is great and good and giving
    Never forget- 2o17

  5. Heard from a teacher that God will not allow you to go through painful situations without Him having a purpose for the pain. So you can focus on the pain or you can wait on Him knowing He will use it for a purpose in your life.

  6. Thanks for this great Message. This is so true.but we need to always remember that our heavenly father is always there for us to fight against the enemy.And also He got all power to destroy enemies. He got also all Glory. Have faith and he will direct our part.

  7. I feel that God is faithful, I just moved back in with my parents away from my boyfriends apt and I have two young daughters I pray that these decisions are good I struggle with missing my significant other and we don’t always communicate now whatever God has in store I’m faithful not to mention I’m in my late 20s sometimes things happen in life and you just gotta stay faithful I needed the help of my parents in raising my daughters. May God listen to my prayers

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